documentary of spaces: come with me to scandinavia 

Marlene Koßmann

,,[ ... ] a documentary may be understood as a series of visually and/or audibly expressed statements connected by a narrative, and communicated from the author/authors to the viewer with the intention it be received as fact."
A common phenomenon of architects when they design is to look at a site from above. Important details and the stakeholders involved are usually left out. 
This project started with a meticulous documentation of things I liked about the site of the Scandinavian hou­sing. I had a strong instinct of not wanting to change anything because almost everything I looked at appealed to me. I liked things. A place characterized by extreme diversity could not be changed just like that. So i started this journey of exploring the buildings and their surroundings while documenting it by using the practice of ethnographic drawings and models. With that I want to value the things that are not yet valued, see behind the obvious and encourage people - specifically architects - to look precisely on spaces. You can find so many beautiful things! The approach of documentation functions in this case as a kind of reflection tool, where I can come - other than anthropologist - to architectural maybe even space-changing condusions.
In a next step I started to mix fragments of the documentary with fictional elements that are acting like a con­trast fluid, a marker or a reaction to the specific discovery in order to embrace it. What I thus do is reflecting the docum.ented in a special design. lt is an intervention but at the same time an interaction with the discovery. 

The conclusions might be on the one hand a fun imagination but could have also the claim of a realistic design.