panorama - archeology of the present

Leander Lentner         
Marlene Koßmann 

A panorama is to be created at the Hambach Forest. An area that is exhibited through the transformation of the same. A radical transformation did not only begin when the ground-breaking ceremony for the open-cast mine was made. Nevertheless, a chain of possible scenarios was set in motion at that moment, which in fact are not completely foreseeable. Even now, the future of the place remains unclear. In the changeability of the unclear lies an opportunity to explore the constantly evolving present of the place. In order to make this research possible, a medium is required that represents the researched present and makes it tangible through a shell.

The architecture should create an interface between place and image, as well as reality and fiction. In order to make this possible, the architectural design develops three visual programmes, which prepare and follow up what is seen and what is seen for the visitors. Thus the idea of the incident and manipulated image is continued in the architecture. At the same time, the architectural shell should not only be a place of exhibition but also a place of production and discourse, with the last two points being clearly subordinated.
The design is located on the southern edge of the open-cast construction site, on the demolished former motorway. An element that links different identities of the place through its fragmentary character. The area is accessed via the disused road that leads through the Hambach Forest to the station arrival point. The journey begins there either by arriving by train, bicycle or car. A landmark designed on a former excavator carrier indicates cryptically what is to be experienced. Continuing, various fragments line the path, which anticipate individual identities of the place.

exhibition complementing the design: