Kosmos der Dinge
Jonah Burgsteiner, Klara Schmidt

We deliberately chose the objects with the idea of learning a lot from the screwed and assembled individual parts and taking a closer look at their form. With the audio track recorder, we were directly interested in the inner workings. One could already imagine a spatial structure behind the face, of course according to the logic of the machine. We started putting pieces together with a lightheartedness and open-mindedness. A figure has emerged and she looks at us calmly.
Our figure is not a monolith, but consists of many individual parts. Many small parts build on each other, connect and help each other. The figure has to overcome its fragility, which mainly arises from the multi-part nature of the figure, by holding together.

We apply the principles we have learned to the interior: Many parts come together in the interior without being directly and obviously functionally dependent on one another. They do not connect completely to each other and leave space.

Ein Astronomieforschungszentrum

Pumpspeicherkraftwerk, Wetterstation, Zentrum für Verschwörungstheorien, Emulsions-Fabrik