Reconstructing Häring
Mathis Bergmann

Everything is Transformation; Developing Gut Garkau based on unbuild plans of Hugo Häring. Our rural areas are changing - slowly growing structures diffuse outwards and disintegrate from inside. The changes in agriculture are also leading to temporary arrangements and vacancies in many places.
The Gut Garkau farm planned by Hugo Häring in the 1920s is therefore also subject to rural structural change. Far from the visions of the ‚Neues bauen‘, the farm is nowadays characterized by vacancy, decay and overmolding.  -sleeping beauty Gut Garkau. On the basis of unrealized plans by Hugo Häring, the farm is being rethought, converted, reconstructed, expanded and enriched with new programs. Old layers are exposed and new ones are applied. -everything is transformation. After more than 100 years, the cowshed and barn are connected to one another with an articulated building which is reorganizing the farm. The programs production, culture, temporary and permanent living create different synergies in their coexistence. The result is a conglomerate of parts that are loosely linked to one another, both act individually and result in a whole, interacting and allowing flexible changes. -„Think of it as a farm“