the collected building

The idea of constantly expanding and renewing our urban landscape is reaching its limits. We've realized that our planet can't sustain this endless cycle anymore. Despite efforts to build sustainably, we still find ourselves burdened by the environmental costs of tearing down and rebuilding.
It's time to shift our perspective. Instead of just thinking about how to renew, we should think about how to enrich. Buildings shouldn't be seen as disposable; they're treasure troves of materials for future projects. We can take a cue from past architectural practices and carefully catalog every part for reuse. By taking things apart and putting them back together, we can breathe new life into old structures.
We need to let go of the idea that every building has to be brand new. Instead, we should embrace the imperfections and history of existing structures. This means moving away from the traditional idea of architecture as a solitary endeavor and instead collaborating with the past to create something new and unexpected.
Ultimately, it's about finding the balance between change and continuity. Houses can evolve while still retaining their essence. It's about uncovering the beauty and potential in what's already there, rather than constantly striving for something new.

Emily Bardenz, Finn Gredel, Kian Matine 
Küche & Veranda
Treppe und Studieraum
work in progress