Kiosk "Fundgrube"
Christian Sternhagen

In the context of the project lang re:cycle city the small architecture 'fundgrube' was created. Components for the project were previously collected in a component index, categorized and reused. They originate from different buildings in Hannover, which will be demolished in the future or are in the process of demolition. The task was to choose a selection of elements and rearrange them in a small-scale architecture. The main components are being saved from a former supermarket chain, which is no longer operating in Hanover. The polycarbonate, the red steel beams and several pipes are from that site.
The aesthetics of the reconstruction should be explored and from the beginning be a determining parameter of the appearance. The "Fundgrube" is a kiosk. There, beer is served, people sit together at a table and party into the night. 

This preliminary exercise is followed by the project: