Bauteil Bahnhof
Christian Sternhagen

The "Bauteil Bahnhof"  is a place where building components, parts and other related items get their deserved value back. Components can be handed in, repaired, improved, bought and viewed here. The various parts are sorted, scanned and temporarily stored after delivery. The lack of space in German cities suggests efficient vertical construction. The storage areas at component exchanges and recycling depots are usually on the ground floor. Since most components can be stored outdoors, a lot of free space is sealed. The warehouse + would like to exploit the verticality and think up storage space. Each workshop on all floors is thus directly related to a large storage area. The interior can be better used for production.

The components are sorted according to size, volume and weight on the ground floor and then move to different levels of the "Bauteil Bahnhof". The heaviest construction components are stored lowest. The higher the Level, the lighter and handier the components become.  In addition to commercial use, there is a large showroom on the first floor with space for seminars, workshops and retail space.

The building plot can be found in a similar way in many German cities. The proximity to the city highway, located between the business park and residential area. The train station component is intended to show that a vertical factory is also possible in the vicinity of the city. He can think socially and commercially in the vertical direction and combine both.

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