Faust III 

Mathis Bergmann
Christian Sternhagen
2022 Hannover
The Faust Areal is to get a new dance hall as an extension of the 1960s hall.
The current structural condition reveals a lot about the living past of the hall. Created by an ongoing adaptation to ever-changing needs and adapted functionality. We want to take this further at given points, rearrange it, add new functions with interventions and in some places also resolve unfavorable situations and completely renew them.The clear basic structure and aesthetics of the hall has in the past enables flexible conversion of the hall. We want not restore the original state but rather the lived
Celebrate and professionalize further construction
In terms of urban planning, we are giving the Faust area the new clear entrance situations and the structured forecourt create a striking, contemporary frontage towards the riverbank. This is clearly legible and communicates the broad cultural offerings of Faust to the public.

Das tanzende Dach