Lina Etzkorn


Discovering the complexity of textile with all its properties as a material, such as different textures, transparency, colour, deformation and elasticity, leave traces in the following work. Handmade produced textile-objects are staged on sets, flooded with light. The interplay of a three-dimensional object and its projection on a background or surface are main topics of this work.

An object falls.
A shadow falls.

It appears as an image, and its presence is no less important than the object itself. It is layered, it is spatial and deep. The unpredictability of its movement and appearance in space create complex images. Through different analog media, film and photography captured, the work shows a wide spectrum of theatrical, high resolution, almost artificial images. Themes like scale, colours, framing, composition and spatial arrangement, as well as the technique and the power of photography, are especially in focus here.
A broad translation process of the original photographs into new different artworks have been developed in the latest works. A selection of woven pieces, sequences and fragmented images change the general appearance of the initial photographs. Graphic techniques with grids and lines try to achieve subtle even more spatiality and perspective in the existing images.
The work oscillates in between two- and three dimensionality, paper and textile, recognition and unrecognizability, to trigger the viewer‘s perception. The entire work plays with the manipulation of images between movement and stillness, between dynamic lightness and the incredible strength and gravity that objects bare. Using these conditions to create images was one of the main challenges in a very dynamic process. Weighing, selecting, controlling, recombining and sequencing shows a broad elaboration of the final work.