who cares?

We used the principle of maintenance as a starting point and placed a central focus on everyday care work. We shed light on topics such as the social, the material, and the urban dimension of "care, maintenance, repair." During the semester, we developed ideas and concepts and investigated places of intervention in Venice. During a workshop week in September at the German Pavilion, we worked together with residents and initiatives from Venice to implement them. We undertook tasks of design, small interventions, and repairs in the city, stepping out of our comfort zone to think and do "diesmal, mal anders."
In the neighbourhood of Santa Marta, the ASC - Assemblea Sociale per la Casa has successfully employed squatting and renovation practices to revive derelict apartments, using materials from the Bien- nale for the maintenance works. These proven principles have contributed to the careful urban renewal of the area. We worked with, in, and around the community garden, which also needed to be maintained and activated. Both in Hannover and in Venice, we designed and built interventions to promote individual and collective responsibility, as well as the cultivation of oneself and one's community. This space will serve as a meeting place for socializing and promoting multispecies coexistence.
Our group focused on developing an interface shelf that will act as a place to store garden tools, exchange books and making the entrance of the garden more visible. Besides the shelf we cared about the signs and poster of rules and cleaned up the whole area that was previously full with garbage from the neighborhood. 

Kaya Liffler, Paula Scheibke, Christian Sternhagen, Marijke Kiparski, Alexandra Faix, Mathis Bergmann